‘Cats, cats everywhere’: Chilliwack shelters overwhelmed by colony of feral cats

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Christy Moschopedis and Jill Robertson have spent every day for the past two months setting out cat traps.

In October, the women were notified of 2 kittens in need of help in a West Chilliwack cul-de-sac.

But when they arrived on scene, the volunteers discovered a feral colony.

Residents say the feral cat population continues to grow in Village of Bath

“We realized this was a much bigger problem than just two kittens. There were cats, cats everywhere, so many cats” says Moschopedis, who runs Lost and Found Chilliwack and Missing Pets Fraser Valley.

They eventually caught nearly 60 felines, and brought them to local veterinary clinics to be spayed and neutered.

Ding, one of the two kittens rescued by Moschopedis and Robertson in October.

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Katie Hydamacka, a veterinary assistant with the Cheam View Animal Hospital, said they are spaying up to four of the cats daily in an attempt to curb the colony’s growth.

“In one litter they can have six or seven kittens, even more, and then a couple months down the road the cycle continues,” says Hydamacka.

So far, 21 of the cats were returned to the colony because they were too feral to be adopted. The rest are being fostered or cared for at local rescue organizations including the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven and the Heart and Soul Dog and Cat Rescue Society.

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Moschopedis says she doesn’t know how many cats remain in the colony.

“It’s getting harder to find them, we rely on the neighbours to let us know where hey have seen cats, they’ve been very helpful.”

She also hopes pet owners will seek alternatives before dumping their cats.

“There’s more than just one rescue, don’t stop trying to find help,” she said.

“Dumping your cat shouldn’t be an option, it’s a terrible life for them.”

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